Emily, originally uploaded by bouncysteve.

Yesterday we became parents.

Emily Holmes came gracefully and reasonably quietly into the world at 11:41, weighing 3.180 kg. (If you want that in Imperial units you can convert it here, but we’re in the 21st Century now, so barring a Parliamentary deal involving UKIP forcing me to do otherwise, Metric is all you’ll get from me.)

Emily was born by elective Caesarean (surely too difficult a word to be asked to spell at such a stressful time – thank you Gnome Dictionary) because she had been diagnosed with SVT two weeks ago. Because of this she was taken in the afternoon to the Neo-natal Intensive Care unit so that her heartbeat could be monitored. I’m pleased to say that she was discharged back to her mother’s care this morning and all seems well.

Despite being quite anxious beforehand, Vic coped very calmly with the procedure, and was very polite in her response when I asked her if I looked like George Clooney when wearing scrubs. Unfortunately no picture exists of this, but take it from me, the resemblance was uncanny.

I didn’t admit this beforehand, but I wanted a girl. I’m not sure why, but one good reason is that at least we were agreed on a girl’s name. I don’t think that Vic was entirely keen on my suggestion of Homer, or on a living tribute to celebrated Doctor Who writer Robert Holmes (which actually was one of our final three boys’ names.)

Here is the official photograph. There are more, but you have to become my friend on Flickr to see them.


~ by bouncysteve on 8 May, 2010.

3 Responses to “D-Day”

  1. Ahhh, she is beautiful! Glad to hear that mum and baby are doing well and hope Daddy is getting some last precious hours of sleep! So pleased you got your wish of a daughter, we are sure she will bring you much joy and happiness. Now the fun begins!! With love to you all Dan, Sue & Gracie xx

  2. Oh my good Lord! Gobsmackeroonied!!! Congratulations. I thought, when I saw the header, she was pregnant! What a lovely surprise and immensely short gestation period! I’m delighted for you. Will be in touch soonest. Much love and prayers amigo.
    Family holidays in sunny Blackpool anytime (my new residence) as I am now a donkey-lasher!

  3. Congratulations, all of you. Welcome to the world, Emily.

    Sorry to be so behind the curve on this one.

    Bizzarely, I saw a couple in Newcastle who were the exact spit of you and Vic. Very nearly had the embarrassment of bounding up all excited but realised the error as I got within 15 feet (imperial, see). Just had to cover up the fact I was grinning like a loon for no reason.

    Anyway, hope all is well with the three of you.

    Lots of love,
    Chris, Susan, Abi and Daniel

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