Happy Christmas!

What an incredible year! Incredible that work was even worse than last year.

Football this season has not been very good for either of us. The rest of the year consisted of:

Holiday – Very enjoyable 2 weeks in South of France, coinciding with Tour De France along with a VERY long walk down and back up the mountain to see it! Steve’s attempt at mountain biking (Vic took safer option of using cable cars and reading a book at the top of the mountain!)
Kneeknack – For Steve – results of the mountain biking. All ok for now.

Pizza Express – Orange Wednesdays has been the staple Wednesday lunch for Steve for some time.

Baby – expected on or around 15th May 2010!! Steve hoping will be slightly late so that paternity leave can coincide with the World Cup! It will be a small crumb of comfort as Vic has vetoed the middle name of “Danger”.

So, although not much for the past year next year will be very different!! (The Pizza Express deal expires on Dec 30th.)

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

C is for Cookie




B is for Baby

TBC “Danger” Holmes


~ by bouncysteve on 23 December, 2009.

2 Responses to “Happy Christmas!”

  1. Congratulations! If it’s a day early it will share a birthday with me 🙂

    Lovely to hear your news xxxx

  2. And if baby’s 11 days late it’ll share a birthday with me.

    My name choice is Beazer Sherlock Barrett if it’s a boy, and Kelly if it’s a girl.

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