Get Your VAT Back Get Your VAT Back

Some good mathematics teaching on this Amazon page, on why changing the VAT rate from 17.5% to 15% is only a 2.13% discount, not a 2.5% one.

Amazon have managed a quick response to the VAT discount, without needing to recalculate all their prices, by displaying a discount code for 2.13% off (LOWERVAT). They haven’t exactly gone out of their way to advertise it though. You need to click on a small green link in the top right corner. Presumably anyone who doesn’t notice the discount code will end up paying the old price, meaning that Amazon pocket the 2.5% VAT.

VAT is particularly on my mind at the moment, as, at 2 minutes to 5 on Friday afternoon before the VAT change on Monday, my employer doesn’t have an updated catalogue for our upgrade facility.

BTW, look for the Amazon link in the right column of this blog. If you click it then I get a slice of your spend. (It’s only fair, I’ve told you about the discount code 😉

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~ by bouncysteve on 28 November, 2008.

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