Unfortunate timing leaves Kelloggs looking not so Grrreeeatttt!

Last night, immediately after watching news about another violent crackdown in Tibet, I had the misfortune to see the following advert for Frosties, in which Tony the Tiger visits Tibetan monks to help him resist Frosties. Aside from the dubious lampooning of Buddhism, the fact that neither the channel nor the advertisers sought to withdraw the advert shows a stunning lack of sensitivity.

Kellogg's Frosties Tony In Tibet

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~ by bouncysteve on 18 March, 2008.

3 Responses to “Unfortunate timing leaves Kelloggs looking not so Grrreeeatttt!”

  1. I just saw this on ITV. Two days after you posted it and it still hasn’t been withdrawn. I’ve emailed Kellog’s to ask what they were thinking. My threshold for offensiveness is pretty high, but this is just ridiculous.

  2. its 31/03/08 and i’ve just seen the advert after the despatchers program about tibet.
    i’ve emailed Kellog’s and OFCOM.

  3. I was simply stunned when I heard the words “tibettan monks” I was thinking “this is just too much of a coincidence” after all, the government has known about the trouble in Tibet for a while, Tibettan exchange students went home in the middle of the year because they knew of the trouble, maybe the government is trying to tell the (British?) public something? As for offensiveness, I can’t see anything as particularly awful, but the juxtapositioning & coincidence is just incredible.

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