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I had a tidy up yesterday. I’ve been running Ubuntu for a couple of months now and decided to get rid of any Windows software that I didn’t NEED. An hour of Add/Remove Programs and double checking that old CD backups didn’t have anything extant on them (they didn’t) and I was left with… iTunes. That is now the only reason I have for booting up in Windows, and that is only because of the pesky DRM. Once iTunes Plus has been extended to cover the remaining five or six albums it owes me then I’m off. in the meantime I carefully stored my legacy software. One of my Windows installation CDs spent a few hours in the bin, before I found it a grateful home with someone else – software should be free, after all! (Don’t worry – for as long as I still have Windows installed on my machine I’ll be keeping my other license with me.)

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~ by bouncysteve on 29 October, 2007.

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