Photoshopping Moves Online — Soon

One of the risks of trying to find a niche to build a startup is that the big guys can land on your face at any time. That
’s why all of these startups are going to be in serious trouble when Adobe releases a free, ad supported online version of Photoshop in six months.

A guy has commented under this article that this is good news for Linux, and then someone has responded that this story has nothing to do with Linux. While the categorisation of the post in Digg may be wrong, the former poster is right. Everything Ajax-y and Web 2.0-y makes the browser the only piece of software you need on your machine (Google Docs and Spreadsheets, GoogleMail, FLickr, Ma.gnolia, Flock/FireFox + extensions mean that there is virtually nothing that can’t be done in the browser.). This means that you can abandon Windows in favour of OS X or Linux. Microsoft should be very scared.

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~ by bouncysteve on 1 March, 2007.

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