Hero postman faces sack (no pun intended!)

BBC NEWS | UK | Junk-mail tip postman faces sack

Postman Roger Annies advised people how to reduce their junk mail by posting a leaflet telling them how to stop delivery of ‘door to door’ (unaddressable) items. For this service he has been suspended by Royal Mail for “alleged misconduct”.

To most commentators Mr Annies is a local hero, but not to this visitor to the Daily Mail website:

“Dropping his own leaflets on company time is probably contrary to the conditions of his contract. If that is the case the Post Office has every right to suspend him.”

– Keith Lonsdale, Doncaster

I’m interested in the nature of this “alleged misconduct”. If the unsolicited delivery of these leaflets is such a major problem, then doesn’t that weaken Royal Mail’s position somewhat?

Although Mr Lonsdale will not agree, Royal Mail have committed a serious public relations faux-pas here. I have tried in the past to stop these deliveries, and not being in possession of the correct procedure, I have been rebuffed. Thanks to publicity of Mr Annies‘ situation, it took me ten minutes to find the information I needed:

How to stop it:

To stop ‘door to door’ deliveries: send an email to optout@royalmail.co.uk

To stop other junk mail (with your address on it) contact the Mailing Preference Service.

To stop unwanted marketing phone calls contact the Telephone Preference Service.

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  1. I’ve created a PDF and Word Document of the form, available for download here:


    This is something the Royal Mail could do very quickly, but they choose to make the process difficult as blanket marketing makes them so much money.

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