World Jump Day

Tomorrow is World Jump Day; some nonsense pseudo-physics about how if everyone in the Eastern hemisphere jumps at the same time it will disturb the earth’s orbit and solve global warming. It appears from the discussion on that America is divided 50-50 between:

  • people who are convinced this will work and are willing to go out at 3-39am and try it.
  • people who “don’t believe in global warming” (but will probably try it anyway)

Wikipedia likens the endeavour to the following “brilliant idea”….

The presenters of the Car Talk radio show have propounded the theory that by having everyone live to the east of where they work we could cause the earth’s rotation to be speeded up fractionally as everyone drives to work in the morning and slowed down by the exact same amount when they drive home again in the evening. The effect of this would allegedly be to shorten our working days and give us more leisure time.

World Jump Day – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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~ by bouncysteve on 19 July, 2006.

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