Noting all the chords

Noting all the chords

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Work on this year’s Lourdes songbook is well underway. This is where I prove myself to be entirely disconnected from youth culture by selecting what I consider to be this year’s “banging choons” (as I believe I am legally required to call them), look up some half-bottomed (there may be adults listening) attempt to present the chords on the Internet, and then DO IT PROPERLY – note to “tab posters” – if your tab needs to start with “This is my first tab, I don’t think these chords are the ones < insert name of band’s guitarist, (not the name of the band, the name of the guitarist, that makes you look more knowlegable)> uses, but they’ll do. I don’t know the names of some of them, so I made them up.”, then you CLEARLY DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY TO PUBLISH IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. You may as well have said “old lady, the claw, old lady…”

Once I have finished all the spelling corrections on the Internet, I then take my corrected version to the loudest bar I can find, wait until someone finishes singing the version of Singing In The Rain that involves sticking your tongue out while singing, strum the first line of American Pie, sit back and enjoy the confusion when 7 verses and 21 choruses later the massed throngs realise that they’ve never heard the album version all the way to the end, and don’t know how to end the chorus without it automatically forcing them to sing another one. If you’re really lucky you can set three or four French cafes doing this at intervals, and then orchestrate them like you’re spinning plates.

Anyway, this is a photo of me hatching my evil plan.


~ by bouncysteve on 14 July, 2006.

2 Responses to “Noting all the chords”

  1. If any of them seem VERY easy to play, please pass them my way. Ta.

  2. Ah! WELL DONE! I’ve been digging out tabs and chord sequences for a while now and I couldn’t believe how many of them turned out to be complete crap. There are even mistakes in the Bacharach tabs ON HIS OWN SITE! Thanks.

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