the future’s blight?

I don't like to talk about work, as I'm sure whatever I say will be used as evidence against me in some future tribunal, but today is a special day.

I work for Orange, formally the ISP Wanadoo, (neé Freeserve). Over the past four months or so our team have been rebranding our marketing pages from Wanadoo to Orange. This gave us opportunities to do all sorts of good things behind the scenes to make our pages more accessible, and generally improve the code in ways that you couldn't possibly understand 😉

It's great to be able to work with such a strong brand with clear design rules. It gives me a sense of professional pride for the first time in a long time (possibly since I sang the Twelve Days of Christmas at a year 7 assembly!)

I know it's nothing compared with being a healthcare worker or a teacher, but it's nice to feel good about what I do every so often. Please have a look, before it all goes horribly wrong again…


~ by bouncysteve on 1 June, 2006.

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