Review of the Arrogant Worms, some pub in Leeds

One of the strangest gigs I've ever been to. Richard put me onto this Canadian comedy act a year or so ago, and we covered their songs "I am Cow" and "Carrot juice is murder" when we played gigs. I only see Richard every couple of months, so it was quite fortuitous to see him and have him tell me that the band were playing in Leeds the next night (especially as I work in Leeds, and despite an 11 album career, this was the first time they had visited the UK).

I  spent that day encouraging people at work to come along, by pointing them to mp3s by the band. Looking at the tour dates, they didn't seem to be pulling up trees, and when Tony and I arrived at the venue, we feared that we were going to be the only attendees. The reality was not far from that. The exact total was 17 (much less than the crowd at the gigs that I'd played their songs at). It must have been very strange for the band, proabably used to much larger audiences back home, but they proved their worth by wooing us with banter. 

Due to the arrangement of seats in the venue, when they split the audience down the middle so that the right could sing about how Canada was full of rocks and the left could sing about how Canada was full of trees (with one person given the special task of singing about how Canada was full of water), Tony and I were the left. 

After an hour's set about pressure washers, Jesus' relations and being kidnapped by mime artists, I had to go and catch my train, so I missed out on the 'greatest hits' set in the second half, and the opportunity to chat with the band during the interval (it was that sort of gig- they took to thanking the audience individually for their applause, and assorted plays on the grandeur of the surroundings).

All in all, a very friendly bunch of chaps. 


~ by bouncysteve on 26 May, 2006.

One Response to “Review of the Arrogant Worms, some pub in Leeds”

  1. Is querky, humourous close harmony pop on the national curriculum of Canada? Odd that one country can produce the likes of Barenaked Ladies, Moxy Fruvous and this lot and presumably countless thousand others. I bet it’s to keep their spirits up while worrying about bears and daylight all the time.

    Also, I hear that death metal is now taught in schools in Norway. It’s their second biggest export after oil.

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