Review of The Flaming Lips, Manchester Apollo, April 25, 2006

This was like being at a huge party. Flaming Lips break ALL the rock rules, (well, most of them), and not only does it work, you wonder why it isn't that way every time. We had the band do their own sound check, a bank of Santas and another of aliens on stage, plus Spiderman and Captain America, then singer Wayne Coyne inserted himself into a huge bubble and rode across the top of the crowd, and the first of about 40 huge orange balloons began its 90 min bounce around the theatre. This was before a single note of music had been played. It was as if someone had read the set-list upside down and started with the encore, particularly when the first two songs played were the hits from the previous two albums.

Yes, there was the usual rock posturing and audience smoozing as the night progressed, and perhaps it would be fair to say that the evening petered out a little, but there certainly wasn't the lull that you can sometimes experience when a band tries to keep your attention for two hours while keeping the crowd pleasers under wraps for a predictable finale.

Everyone should see this band, and then demand more from the others!


~ by bouncysteve on 7 May, 2006.

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