I remember when there was just TV and Radio

I was reading the Media section of the guardian tonight. There was some speculation that Channel 4 might be interested in buying DAB radio broadcast rights, aiming for the middle ground between BBC Radio 4 and, well, everything else. From seeing the headline, this seemed like yet another example of the ceaseless expansion of the media giants, then I read the article. I really like Channel 4. For a commercial television station it commissions a lot of thought-provoking material, and is generally very entertaining. (I was even on it once!) Given the dire state of commercial radio, and the bleakness that is post-Peel Radio 1, I’d love to see what they come up with.

In the meantime, I took inspiration from the publication of the top UK podcasts. When I first bought an iPod I was interested in a French language podcast to help me learn the language, but I couldn’t find one. Today there was one in the top 100, and it is specifically made as a French lesson. I also subscribed to Mark Kermode’s film reviews, Channel 4 news, and digg.com’s podcast. I don’t know if I’ll keep them all up, but the ability to filter out the noise from the massive amount of consumable media out there will hopefully prove enriching.


~ by bouncysteve on 24 January, 2006.

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