Writing this as I have little else to do:

I want to try out my new 5G iPod’s video capability, so I thought I’d tie that in with enjoying the spectacle of Peter Crouch’s first goal(s???) for Liverpool. As I was out on Saturday night, I set my tv software to record Match Of The Day. I’ve downloaded the Videora iPod Converter software, because iPods won’t play mpeg2 (that would just be too easy!). Unfortunately the conversion process will take c. 100 minutes. While that would be fine if I could just walk away and come back to it, I fear that it may take a similar length of time to copy the file onto my iPod, and if I want to view it on the train in the morning, I will need to initiate the transfer (sorry, sounded a bit Star Trek there!) tonight.

This leads me to wonder whether being on the cutting edge of technology really is “living the dream”. I’m a (reasonably) early adopter of this sort of thing, and while I can proudly boast that we don’t have anything capable of reading an audio cassette or floppy disk in the house, this endless pursuit of media formats and “convenience” software doesn’t seem to be giving me any more free time at all. Over the past two months I have been using spare moments during my day to ‘rate’ songs on iTunes. I’ve completed about 7500, with 1500 to go. When this endeavour is completed, iTunes will be able to use this information to furnish me with the ultimate aural experience. In the meantime, however, rating songs has been given precedence over the old-fashioned activity of actually listening to, or heaven forbid, enjoying the songs!

Transferring my reasonably-sized CD collection to iTunes was time-consuming, much more so the transfer of my small vinyl collection, which had to be transferred in real-time, of course. In fact it was hyper-real time, because it took me a very long time to learn the lesson that every time I attempted to go and make a cup of coffee in between tracks would be precisely the time that the needle would fit, drag itself rapidly across the surface, and generally muck up the whole thing. My next project is to “digitise” my VHS collection (principaly so that I can then extend my hollow boast to that format).

If I could only convince myself that I have had no particular desire to watch any of my pile of tapes since I disconnected the player 14 months ago, then I could save myself a couple of hundred hours worth of displacement activity…


~ by bouncysteve on 5 December, 2005.

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