Improving the quality of public information

BBC NEWS | In Pictures | In pictures: Spoof signs

I love this: basically some guy got fed up of sitting looking at the same signs on the train everyday, wrote some new ones and got them professionally made.

Then he installed them.

This is the sort of thing which I wish I’d thought of first. Of course, it’s nothing new- there are many examples of people becoming annoyed at the nature and quality of information they are forced to look at. The Adbusters group maintain that advertising pollutes public space (and thought), so they ‘amend’ adverts, to create a different message, or at least subvert the intended one.

They have lofty purposes- the end to globalisation, and consumerism for its own sake, which I applaud, but my own thinking on advertising is often more concerned with poor spelling and grammar, like this lovely piece of irony spotted in a Tesco store:

Grammar irony in Tesco

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~ by bouncysteve on 30 November, 2005.

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  1. Chris couldn’t be bothered to log in and comment on this article himself (but I would urge you to do so), but he has pointed me at the work of Banksy, a similar, in fact more celebrated pop-artist and subverter.

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